About Us

Queen Beauty USA is owned and operated by Brodeur Kazanjian Beauty & Fashion LLC, founded by Thom Brodeur-Kazanjian and his husband Tavit Brodeur-Kazanjian.

Often referred to in the media as the Beauty Bosses, Thom & Tavit’s backgrounds as beauty experts and media personalities span decades as recognized pageant producers, coaches and stylists across nearly all major pageant systems including Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Universe, Miss Globe and Miss World.

In 2018, the duo purchased the national franchises for Queen Beauty USA, Canada and the US Virgin Islands believing that it was time to put the beauty and pageant back into beauty pageants. Queen Beauty USA curates, cultivates and celebrates beauty. Unapologetically.

Since launching their “pageant for models”, the duo has been recognized by industry media and for awards from Art & Beauty magazine’s “Most Fascinating People in Pageantry” to Supermodels Unlimited’s “Most Beautiful” edition, and Pageantry magazine’s “Ones to Watch.” Recently, the team was nominated for two prestigious Global Beauty Awards - one for “Best Director / Producer” – the other for “Best Sponsor.” Beauty is back.
Experience Matters.
Expertise Makes the Difference.
This dynamic duo brings more than 40 combined years of experience in the beauty, fashion and pageant industries to Queen
Beauty USA, and we pride ourselves in helping others achieve their dreams.
The Company You Keep is Important
Thom & Tavit have served as judges, producers, sponsors, state directors, pageant coaches and stylists with more than two dozen state and national titleholders, semifinalists and finalists in the Miss USA / Teen USA, Miss America, Miss Globe United States and Miss World America systems under their belts.

They’re no strangers to winning. Neither will you be whether you join the team as a state director, a contestant, or as a sponsor. We're happy you're here. Take a look around!